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to our wholesome community made for gamers, life-lovers, and life-haters. The philosophers, the get-byers, weirdos, and normies. For the introverts, extraverts, enthusiasts and exthusiasts. And everyone else in between.

Are you ready to voice your opinions on controversial topics?

Welcome to Terravaal, a vibrant Discord server where intellectual curiosity takes center stage. Join a debate with us  and help foster an atmosphere of respectful and insightful discourse. Here, minds collide, and ideas intertwine, as we delve into a plethora of topics, ranging from the controversial to the profound.

Our diverse community embraces the art of conversation, engaging in spirited debates on political ideologies, religious beliefs, moral dilemmas, and philosophical ponderings. With a commitment to open-mindedness and mutual respect, we celebrate the exchange of contrasting viewpoints, understanding that it is through such conversations that we can truly grow as individuals.

At Terravaal, we encourage our members to challenge assumptions, broaden their horizons, and critically analyze complex issues. The exchange of knowledge and perspectives serves as a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth, empowering us to be more informed and empathetic global citizens.

We value each participant’s unique insights and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and respected. Our vibrant debates not only deepen our understanding of various subjects but also create an enriching and supportive environment where ideas flourish.

Join us in the pursuit of knowledge, entertainment and enlightenment as we debate together on Terravaal. 

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Our no.1 rule:

Just don’t be a d*ck.

Step into the immersive world of Terravaal, a dynamic Discord server where diverse passions converge, creating an extraordinary tapestry of experiences. Within these digital walls, we embrace four main themes that define our vibrant community.

Movie Nights

(almost) Every Friday Evening

Voice Calls

(almost) Every Day

Online events

Gaming, streaming and entertainment

In-person events

We occasionally crawl away from our PCs to meet up

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Debate together, where minds ignite in intellectual discourse. Engage in thought-provoking conversations on controversial topics, political landscapes, religious beliefs, moral quandaries, and profound philosophical inquiries. Through respectful exchanges of ideas, we collectively broaden our perspectives, nurturing an environment of open-mindedness and mutual understanding.

Gaming together, the realm of camaraderie and lighthearted fun. Unite in multiplayer gaming sessions, stream single-player adventures, and revel in the thrill of competition. Our five distinctive team “houses” reflect our unique personalities, fostering a sense of belonging and friendly rivalry. Beyond digital realms, we cherish offline gatherings, bonding over board games, card games, chess, and more.

Chilling together, where real-life connections flourish. Embark on exciting hikes, savor coffee dates, and forge lasting friendships. Our offline adventures complement the virtual realm, creating a holistic sense of community.

Being Better together, empowering personal growth and support. Explore tailored programs and support groups dedicated to self-improvement, mental well-being, and healthy lifestyle choices. As we uplift each other, we evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Terravaal thrives as an extraordinary blend of intellectual stimulation, gaming camaraderie, real-life connections, and personal growth. Embark on a journey like no other, where passions intertwine, and a welcoming community awaits. Discover a place where we celebrate diversity and foster curiosity, forging lasting memories and meaningful bonds. Welcome to Terravaal, where embracing these themes, we create magic together.

A server that aims to serve

Meet our Mods. The Mods are sworn to protect, respect and preserve our community.


Hail Drastic, the visionary architect of Terravaal’s extraordinary journey! With unyielding determination, he forged this thriving haven, uniting minds in intellectual exploration. A true mastermind and inspiring muse, he humbly listens while fearlessly leading, nurturing a community that flourishes under his guiding light. Gratitude fills our hearts, for without him, this remarkable tapestry of experiences would not exist.


Meet Bunny, the comic maestro of Terravaal! With wit and charm, Bunny sprinkles laughter, making our community shine with joy (and sarcasm.)


Introducing Sparky, the vigilant guardian of Terravaal’s shadows. Silent yet ever-watchful, Sparky ensures a safe and respectful haven for all.


Embrace the warmth of Chopper, the lively heartbeat of Terravaal. Always active and endlessly welcoming, Chopper spreads joy and camaraderie.


And Whisper, Terravaal’s female moderator. The brilliant mind fueling Terravaal’s charm. Constantly orchestrating games, entertainment, and riveting debates. 

Events of all kinds

Terravaal hosts an array of thrilling events for all passions! Experience the excitement of online and offline games, board games, card games, and virtual battles. Strengthen bonds with in-person hikes, coffee dates, and a host of other engaging activities. The fun never ends!