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What is Terravaal?

Terravaal is a vibrant Discord server focused on intellectual debates, gaming, real-life meetups, and personal growth.

How can I join Terravaal?

You can join Terravaal by clicking on the provided invite link or using the server name to search for it in Discord.

Is there any age restriction for joining the server?

Yes, Terravaal welcomes members of all ages above 13 years, but certain discussions and channels may have age restrictions or require parental consent.

Are there any specific rules for participating in debates?

While we encourage respectful debates, we have guidelines in place to ensure civil discourse and mutual respect among participants.

How do I join one of the team houses?

You can join a team house by 1. joining the server 2. finding the ‘Announcements’ channel 3. scrolling to the pinned notification that also has the link to the test. Ask a moderator for more information.

Can I suggest topics for debates or events?

Absolutely! We encourage members to suggest topics for debates and events to keep our community engaging.

Ask either Chopper or Whisper to add your topic to the next discussion. 

How can I participate in the "Be Better" programs and support groups?

To participate in the “Be Better” programs and support groups, reach out to our designated moderators for enrollment details. 

Please keep in mind that we have a WhatsApp group for the program so you may be asked to give your phone number to add you. But, we are quite strict about data safety. 

How do I report inappropriate behavior or content?

You can report inappropriate behaviour or content to our moderators by tagging @moderators or messaging one of them directly.

Here are the Mods usernames:






Are there specific channels for different types of discussions?

We have specific channels for various discussions to keep conversations organized and focused.

The channels include but are not limmited to:

  • Unspecific: For general discussions 
  • Common Room VC: Voice Chat Channels
  • Any Media: any daily life photos
  • Gaming: post your gaming achievements, questions or funny screenshots. 
  • Memetopia: a thread of memes
  • Artworks: for anything artistic
  • Music Shares: anything musical
  • Selfies
  • Fitness
  • Venting
  • Sketchy Alley: over 18s only
  • Movie Suggestions
  • Game Suggestions
  • Server Suggestions